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I am a Dallas-based UX Product Designer with experience in SaaS, Design Systems, B2B, B2C, and Loyalty. My methodology focuses on understanding user needs through research and testing to create seamless, meaningful experiences across platforms. I lead user research initiatives, collaborate cross-functionally with stakeholders, and rapidly prototype solutions focused on business goals and customer value. My core skills include research, interface design, interaction design, and design systems. I utilize industry-standard tools to bring experiences to life across web, mobile, and other digital touchpoints. My passion is creating human-centered products that solve real problems and delight customers.

I have a
Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing from the University of Houston. I am passionate about creating design solutions for social and environmental issues and engaged in a variety of related topics during my MFA candidacy and continued work history. My overarching goal is to inspire connections between people and their places and to create inclusive environments for all.

Currently, I am exploring a career in UX Product Design with a focus on tech, aviation, travel, hospitality, and design systems.

Dallas, TX 75225

Tel: 832/425.4121

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